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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  July 16, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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to prepare for the 2012 america's cup race in san francisco. good night, everyone. tonight on "world news," the scorching heat. a blistering heat wave takes hold this evening. across 13 states, heat warnings in effect. punishing temperatures. and it's about to widen. where this system is headed next. about to broil 40 states at once. surprise ending. the 405 in los angeles, made famous by that o.j. chase, and the movie "speed." tonight, after all those warnings of carmageddon, it looks more like a silent movie. we are sorry. those three words across every one of his newspapers in britain today. rupert murdoch apologizes after his reporters hacked into people's voicemail. were 9/11 families among them? and tonight, what he tried to avoid, now coming. the ultimate soccer mom. the captain of the u.s. women's soccer team on the eve of their
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historic final. tonight, her own home team advantage. those two, smiling, little faces. and harry potter, before he was harry potter. with the final movie out, we look back at what he did at 11 years old, the moment he learned he beat out thousands. good evening. and it's great to have you with us on this saturday night. and if you're watching this from the center o othis country, we hope you have a fan or an air conditioner. it is a sweltering night. and the first of many. 13 states are under heat warnings tonight, from texas and louisiana in the south, all the way up to the canadian border. take a look at these temperatures. the heat and humidity, making it feel well over 100 degrees in so many cities and towns. omaha, nebraska, 104. to the north in marshall, minnesota, 105. and look at this tonight. as we move into next week, the system barely moves. it just gets bigger. in a moment, we'll turn to the weather center. but first, the pictures facing tens of millions of americans tonight. more than a dozen states
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tonight, from north and south, are sweltering from the heat. and it's just beginning. tonight, minnesota is under an excessive heat warning. they don't expect to lift it until wednesday. >> today's high around 90. and add in the humidity, feels more like 100. we'll be pushing triple-digit highs tomorrow. and there's no relief in sight. >> reporter: this stalled and massive system couldn't come at a worse time. the worst drought across much of the country, since recordkeeping began more than 100 years ago. 95% of texas, suffering from severe, extreme or exceptional drought. the lone star state is bone-dry. their wheat crop already considered a loss. in oklahoma, cattle sell-offs. tonight, setting records. farmers desperate because they have no water for their herd to drink. no food to feed them. >> on a friday, we're selling 1,800, 2,000 cows. it's strictly because of the drought. >> reportete jerry lemon says when he looks at his farmland, it's the worst he's seen this
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century. >> it's just like wintertime. it crunches. it's dry. >> reporter: and as authorities in the north worry about the most vulnerable, the people not used to these temperatures, in the south, they are worried about something else. parched land, ready to ignite. from arizona to florida, 5 million acres already burned, with summer not even half over. the heat across so much of the this country tonight. so, i want to bring in accuweather meteorologist justin povick, who is in the weather center tonight. justin, always good to see you. we see a map over your shoulder there. how rare is it that we see temperatures this high that far north? >> well, it's definitely not very common here. in north dakota to minnesota, we see highs this time of year, in the mid-80s. that's not the case throughout the weekend. but high temperatures close to the century mark with very high humidity. >> we saw at the top of the broadcast how slowly the system is moving. and you mention, there's going to be a giant portion of this country thatatill feel this heat in the coming weeks. >> not only in the plains in the upcoming week.
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but now, areas further east. chicago, high temperatures early and upper 90s. minneapolis, midweek. and eventually into the i-95 corridor, from the nation's capital into new york city. high temperatures well into the 90s. ananreal feel temperatures into the 100s. >> and you were telling me in the coming days, we'll have 40 states all feeling 90 and above? >> it's absolutely unbelievable. we typically see 20 states at 90 and above. now, we're talking about almost double that number any given day for this upcoming week, at 90 degrees or warmer. >> all right. a tough week ahead. justin povick tonight. thanks. now, to california, this evening, where it's not the weather but a different forecast called into question this evening. the one that predicted carmageddon this weekend. we have a prediction on the famous 405 in los angeles. the warning to stay away. that there could be gridlock. tonight, a reality check here. this was california's 405 earlier this week. traffic cams during the typical commute. totoh enough. tonight, the traffic cams again. not only an empty freeway. but empty streets all around. you could practically hear crickets today in los angeles.
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and you could hear our david wright, who has been there since before the sun came up. david, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, david. that ten-mile stretch of freeway, normally bubuer-to-bumper, even on a saturday. that's what the fuss is all about. but carmageddon? a bit of an overstatement. the end of the world, it was not. for weeks now, they predicted doomsday. >> carmageddon. >> reporter: turning a highway construction project into a moment of public panic. >> now is the hour. we're asking all of you to cooperate. >> reporter: today, los angeles heeded the warnings. brentwood at lunchtime, was a ghost town. plenty of parking. along sunset boulevard, people are actually walking. at burbank airport, jetblue flight 405, was full of passengers on the ultimate short haul, to long beach. flight time, nine minutes. tickets, 4 bucks. >> they might take a hit today. in the long run, they'll have a lot more customers. >> reporter: daria is breathing
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a tentative sigh of relief, that carmageddon may not spoil their bel air wedding tomorrow. >> one thing's for sure, everyone will remember this wedding. >> yeah. not because of how beautiful we look. but because of the 405. >> reporter: today, a few, brave souls ventured out on the 405. without cars. nice day for a bike ride. >> fabulous day for a bike ride. >> reporter: we even met one intrepid skateboarder who rode down from mulholland drive. we calls himself commander bob. >> to ride the 405, worth it any day. >> reporter: once in a lifetime, i'll bet. >> yeah. check it off the bucket list. >> reporter: the chp was not impressed. >> you are told ririt now, by law enforcement, do not be on that freewayay >> all right. >> use a little common sense, gentlemen. it goes a really long way. >> now, we know. >> all right? nice jumpsuits. >> reporter: the chp is now threatening to arrest anybody who ventures out on the freeway. the truth is, they only have until monday morning rush hour to finish the construction
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project. they don't want to worry about pedestrians. david? >> skateboarding down the 405. we've now seen everything. david wright, thanks to you. we're going to turn this evening to three words that landed on millions of doorsteps across britain this morning. we are sorry. that was the apology from rupert murdoch, printed in all of his british newspapers. an extraordinary step. but the step he was trying to avoid is actually coming next. a very public grilling in parliament. abc's simon mcgregor-wood is in london. >> reporter: the apology was written and signed by rupert murdoch himself. we are sorry, it said. for the serious wrongdoing that occurred. for the hurt suffered by the individuals affected. and for not acting faster to sort things out. murdoch does not normally do apologies. but not everyone's convinced. >> although, he expressed his regret of what's happened previously, this is, i think by any standards, pretty false. >> reporter: true or false, it's seen as damage control, which has also claimed his two closest
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lieutenants. rebekah brooks, head of his british newspaper business. and les hinton, head of the dow jones company, and murdoch's right-hand man in the u.s. worked in london at the time of the phone hacking. on tuesday, murdoch and his son, james, will be hauled in front of the cameras for a rare and public questioning by the parliament committee. and across the pond, the fbi is investigating reports that murdoch journalists tried to hack the phones of 9/11 victims. >> what they aught to be concerned about whether or not the american public gets engaged. if that ever happens, yeah. you really should d art writing newscorp's obituaries. >> reporter: as the scandal continues to grow, so do the stakes. this isn't just about the behavior of rupert murdoch's british newspapers anymore. the scandal is threatening to strike at the very heart of his global media empire. david? >> simon, thank you. back in this country tonight, more behind-the-scenes talks on capitol hill. democrats and republicans still far from agreement on what to do before the deadline to raise the
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debt ceiling. there, you see the clock. 16 days and counting. all week, you've been weighing in on "world news." telling washington you are done. you are fed up with the gridlock. tonight, abc's david kerley, in the hometown of one of the republicans who has drawn a line in the sand. but what do the voters there say? >> reporter: after five meetings in five days, the president is still pleading for compromise. >> so, i've put things on the table that are important to me and democrats. and i expect republican leaders to do the same. >> reporter: the president asked for a plan this afternoon that both sides could support. tonight, the white house seems to be satisfied. saying they've been in touch with congress about various options. taxes have been the sticking point. >> it's not just democrats who ththk we need to take a balanced approach. it's republicans, as well. >> reporter: the latest polls show two-thirds of americans say there needs to be cuts and tax increases to reduce the deficit. but house republican leader, eric cantor, a player at the bargaining table, has refused to
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raise taxes. frustrating the president and dedecrats, who called him childish. in cantor's richmond, virginia, area district, somomare embarrassed by his stand. and they just want a deal. >> i just want to get it done. stop playing around. it's like playing a game of freeze tag. they're running around and pointing f fgers. do somethingng >> reporter: about 20% of republicans nationwide and plenty in cantor's district say, no taxes. >> my message to him is simply this. stay on your ground. we have got to cut the budget. >> reporter: the president is getting pressure from his left, as well. so, tomorrow night, we'll hear from constituents of nancy pelosi. but the clock is ticking much louder now. and ambitions seem to be shrinking. they're talking about a much smaller plan. and the white house wants something done by next friday. david? >> david kerley in washington tonight. david, thanks. i want to bring in abc's christiane amanpour, the host of "this week," in washington, preparing for tomorrow morning's program.
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christiane, always great to see you. and we heard in david kerley's report that the latest polls show that two-thirds of americans recognize there needs to be not only cuts but tax increases. so, what's the speaker of the house, john boehner, to do? the tea party says no, in no uncertain terms to tax increases. >> well, that's right. and also no, in no uncertain terms to raising the debt ceiling. and that also has been taken out by one of the most prominent tea party members. that is, of course, michele bachmann, a presidential contender. what you have here is a republican party with an entrenched base. and you have democrats, when it comes to entitlements. while leaders need to strike a deal, they also need to get their own parties onboard to pass any such deal. >> and as the countdown continues, what about the credit rating for this country? >> the credit rating agencies have already started to weigh in with dire warnings about the united states' credit worthiness. and these messages are now being heard loud and clear, especially on capitol hill. and leaders on capitol hill know that they do have to raise that debt ceiling.
5:42 pm
again, it's up to whether they can get their parties onboard. >> that's the big question. christiane, thanks to you. and tomorrow on "this week," arizona republican senator, jon kyl, among the guests. intimately involved in those behind-the-scenes talks. we turn overseas tonight and to a cry for help from one of the most desperate places on earth. hundreds of thousands of families, mothers and children, fleeing the drought in somalia. abc news is the first network to report from the scene. tonight, our lama hasan reports on the disaster in the desert. she's in kenya, at a refugee camp bursting at the seams tonight. >> reporter: they are exhausted. starving and desperate for help. >> the drought is turning one of the world's worst humanitarian crises into a human tragedy of unimaginable proportion. >> reporter: these families are carrying only what they can. their malnourished kids. they have survived an agonizing journey. little food or water, through
5:43 pm
dusty, desolate land. >> our children are dying. this one just died in my arms. >> reporter: these somali refugees have just arrived here. they've been walking for weeks get food and water. at a nearby camp, we find mukhtar with his wife and six kids. after traveling on foot for 30 days, they now live in this makeshift tent they built with their bare hands. they're some of the lucky ones. he told us at least he and his family are still alive and safe now. lama hasan, abc news, dadaab refugee camp, kenya. >> lama, thanks to you. for more reporting from africa, and to make a difference, go to the be the change website at and still ahead as we continue here on "world news" this saturday night, casey anthony, just hours from freedom. will her parents welcome her? how much money could she make from the case? on the eve of the big final, the ultimate soccer mom tonight.
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less than two weeks after the verdict that shocked and enraged millions, casey anthony is about to go free. and on the eve of her release, abc's jim avila on what could come next for the mother at the center of the case. >> reportete casey anthony's lead attorney tells abc news, there are two places america's most infamous acquitted murder defendant is not heading. home to her estranged parents house. or to a rumor, to his native puerto rico. while security is the main, immediate concern, because of public outrage about the not guilty verdict, there are no plans for miss anthony to alter her appearance with plastic surgery.
5:48 pm
>> cayaye. caylee. caylee. >> reporter: anthony is eligible for release beginning at one minute past midnight tonight. and it's likely she will be spirited away in pre-dawn darkness. >> i'm disgusted. absolutely disgusted. >> reporter: protesters say they will be here all night to voice their objections, to the verdict and her release. guards will lead her t ta secret location away the grounds here. after that, she is on her own, despite what her attorneys say, have been seven serious death threats, including one e-mail, with a photo with a photoshopped bullet through her head. the police say they are not her private security force. >> we will not be providing any elaborate security or protection for casey once she leaves. >> reporter: with only a few hundred dollars in donations from strangers to her inmate account, and no famimi support after her scorched earth defense made her mother look like a liar d painted her father and brother as a asers, where she will go is a mystery.
5:49 pm
but security experts advise her to stay under the radar and protected around the clock. >> you have to have someone with you. we call it shadowing. 24/7. you can't see people the way you see. you can't go out to clubs the way you used to. you can't -- your life has changed 100%. >> reporter: that kind of security can cost $10,000 to $15,000 a week. and while there's a prospect of a $1 million offer for her story, right now, as she leaves jail, casey anthony is broke. david? >> jim avivi. we'll see you back here tomorrow nighgh when we come back on the broadcast, we switch gears and turn to the ultimate soccer mom. she is making this country very proud. and whenent does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day
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as you likely know, the u.s. women's world cup soccer team plays for the championship tomorrow. and so, tonight, the team captain and her other home team, her two, little girls, cheering her on. christie rampone, is the captain of the world cup team, on the eve of their world cup final. she got to the finals with help from her home team. her husband and two children. a team away from the spotlight, that this soccer mom says keeps her grounded. >> there's two kids smiling.
5:53 pm
there's nothing like riley asking me, how was practice today, mom? how was training? did you win? >> reporter: christie is the only member from the historic team that took the cup home in 1999. her teammates call this mom from florida an inspiration. abbey whose last-second goal kept the u.s. alive i i their quarterfinal match against brazil. >> we have our leader. you can see how hard she works. she does it in this quiet, amazing way. she just leads by example. >> reporter: win or lose tomorrow, this team captain knows her two, biggest fans will be waiting to cheer her on at home. >> being active, being a mom, being a captain, being a good teammate, keeps me balanced. i can have my love on the field, playing soccer. and then, separate it, and come home and enjoy my kids and my husband. you know, be a happy family. >> we are pulling for christie and the entire team. tomorrow's world cup final between the u.s. and japan, coverage begins at 2:00 eastern, on our cable partner, espn.
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celebrating the largest single-day opening ever. proof the magic is still there. and so, tonight, we go back to where it all began. to the boy who would become harry. here's abc's t.j. winick. >> reporter: not so long ago, there was a time when "world news" had to explain who harry potter was. >> harry is an orphaned and unhappy 11-year-old. >> reporter: that was 12 years ago. now, no introduction necessary. >> we love harry potter. >> reporter: daniel radcliffe was an unknown 11-year-old from london when he auditioned for the part of harry. these screen tests were released as part of a collector's edition dvd. >> if you heard your momm screaming like that, just about to be killed, you'd want to get in a hurry. >> reporter: he reportedly beat out thousands from around the world to play the bespectacled british boy wizard. >> and i cried. and i was in the bath. >> why did you cry? >> no. i cried of happiness. >> reporter: emma watson, too, was plucked from obscurity.
5:58 pm
as she, radcliffe and castmate, rupert grint, matured. they cast a spell over an entire generation. eva casey was in fourth grade when she started reading the potter books. back then, bill clinton was still president. and gas was as low as 99 cents a gallon. >> we graduate college and the last movie comes out. it's sort of like our childhood is over. >> reporter: and so is theirs. today, all of the actors are in their early 20s. in many ways, they, too, were along for the ride. in 1999, when the initial craze was reported as -- the unlikely summer fad. >> reporter: to today, when that unlikely summer fad still has the magic touch. t.j. winick, abc news, new york. and that is "world news." later tonight, an encore presentation of diane sawyer's exclusive interview with jaycee dugard, with new reporting. 9:00, 8:00 central. i'll see you tomorrow.
5:59 pm
>> an officer-involved shooting in san francisco's bayview district. tonight the scene is heating up. good evening, everyone. i'm alan wang. a lot of commotion taking place in san francisco's bayview district right now after a man was shot and killed by a police officer around 4:30. we're live at the scene on third and oak dale. lisa, it looks like police are dealing with crowd control throughout. >> very true, alan. there's a huge police presence here, and several streets are blocked off. the shooting happened actually not far from me on oakdale. right now there's a pile of clothes left. they belong to the shooting victim. he was rushed to the hospital. witnesses tell me he was s


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